Organizations take great care to identify enterprise risks and to develop business continuity plans that address them; however, when it comes to critical incidents, the human factor is almost always overlooked.

How well an organization implements its emergency and business continuity plans during a critical incident and how well it recovers afterwards depends on how well its employees function under stress and how fully and how quickly they recover afterwards.

‘Critical incidents’ include a wide range of potential events—serious injury or death of a co-worker, suicide, epidemic, physical assault, gun violence, power outage, fire, flood, blizzard, explosion, strike, mass layoffs, merger, IT failure, service disruption, negative publicity, bomb threats, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

The reality is, most people involved in a critical incident or traumatic event will develop some stress reactions. Different people will have different stress reactions even though they are part of the same trauma.

Critical Incident Stress reactions can be physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural. They can impede a person’s ability to perform effectively during a crisis and may continue for hours, days, weeks and even months interfering with their work… and your business recovery.

Resilience is how well your organization bounces back after an incident.

Sam Miller works with organizations to help them through the process of identifying, understanding, mitigating and managing the psychological risks they face related to traumatic events and critical incidents.  BIO

Business Planning ♦ People Training ♦ Front-line Services ♦ Post-trauma Counselling
Executive Briefing ♦ Executive Coaching


  • Train trauma response teams
  • Develop protocols to reduce psychological component of enterprise risk
  • Business continuity planning
  • Front-line counselling, trauma team coordination
  • Trauma de-briefing, executive coaching
  • Post-trauma counselling
  • Resilience and wellness workshops


  • Corporations
  • Government departments
  • First responders, military, security personnel, and their families
  • Juries, lawyers, judges
  • Schools
  • Families, couples, individuals
  • Children and youth

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