• Seminars, webinars and workshops on trauma, stress, resilience and wellness to employee groups and coaches
  • Executive briefing and coaching
  • Train trauma response teams
  • Advise on enterprise risk management and business continuity planning
  • Develop protocols to reduce psychological component of enterprise risk
  • Provide front-line counselling, and trauma team coordination/ leadership
  • Trauma de-briefing
  • Post-trauma counselling and stress management


Trusted Advisor ♦ Effective Counsellor ♦ The Coaches’ Coach


  • Inclusion of Critical Incident Stress training for first responders
  • Importance of including Critical Incident Stress in your business continuity plan
  • Risks associated Critical Incident Stress
  • Everyday mental health & wellness
  • Coping with angry and aggressive customers
  • Preparing for layoffs
  • How to recognize PTSD

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